This website is an online journal for all of us to collect our thoughts and reflections as we read through Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why. This book deals with some very difficult and sensitive topics. Your goal as you read is to think deeply about the characters, their choices, and the events of the story deeply. 

Each week you will be asked to make a post here that shares some of your reactions, reflections, and thoughts on the reading for the week. You should also leave comments on the posts of at least three of your classmates.


  • You must make one post that to "Thoughts and Reflections" each week and leave at least two comments.

  • This website is a safe place. Absolutely no bullying, teasing, flaming, or trolling anyone on this website unless you want to leave class.

  • Be careful what you share. This website is accessible to all. Don't share anything you don't want to get out. If you need to talk about something privately, see Mr. Brunken.

Thoughts and Reflections

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